Advocacy at Care Homes
Since December 2014 Advonet has been providing an independent advocacy service at Ravensdale Care Home.

The service has been offered for an average of 2 hours a week. The idea behind the bespoke advocacy service is that the advocate would:

  1. offer an independent source of information for service users about their options
  2. help individual service users/groups of service users to raise issues with staff
  3. support individual service users to participate in care planning meetings
  4. facilitate service user group meetings
  5. support service users to self-advocate individually and as a group
  6. use non-instructed advocacy techniques to enable service users who lack capacity to participate in decision-making about a particular issue

There is a comprehensive partnership agreement in place to safeguard the independence of the advocacy.

You can download some feedback given by people who have used this service here.

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