Leeds Independent Health Complaints Advocacy

What is Leeds Independent Health Complaints Advocacy (LIHCA)?

LIHCA can help if you feel you have not had the service you expect from the NHS and want to complain, using the NHS complaints process.

This might mean providing information so you can pursue a complaint by yourself or giving you the support of an experienced worker who can help you to make your complaint.

LIHCA gives you the opportunity to speak confidentially to someone who is independent of the NHS

Our service covers residents within the Leeds Metropolitan District area, even if the treatment was elsewhere.

LIHCA is free.

LIHCA is independent of the NHS.

LIHCA is confidential.


The philosophy of the organisation is to go the extra mile in all aspects of its operation, to treat people with dignity and respect, recognising that “People don’t fit in boxes.”


What does an LIHCA Advocate do to help?

LIHCA Advocates work with you so that you feel confident to make a complaint.

LIHCA Advocates provide you with information about how the NHS complaints process works and what you can expect to achieve from the process.

LIHCA Advocates will decide with you the best way to support you.

LIHCA Advocates will help you explore your options at every stage of your complaint and can give you information that can help you to decide what to do.

Throughout the complaints process an advocate might also do some or all of the following:

• help you to write letters to the right people

• prepare you for meetings and, if necessary, go to these with you

• help you to monitor the progress of your complaint with the organisation or individual responsible

Please click here to download our information guide.